Rudis stunt lightsaber

The Rudis has been specially conceived with people who practice fencing in mind. In the description at the bottom of the page are all the details.

Steps to configure the saber:

1 Choose the color of the light on the power button | Thanks to its RGB light the batten can be set to 15 different colors at the touch of a button. However the button colour is fixed and will be the colour you choose when you buy it.

2 Choose the look of the saber | There are 3 to choose from. You can choose between silver or black at no cost. The handcrafted antique finish is an extra.

In the gallery on the left you can see the look of the sabre with the different body finishes available.

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The Rudis has been specially conceived with people who practice fencing in mind. To the usual characteristics of resistance, balance and ergonomics of our lightsabers we have to add new details specially designed for fencing.

A body without any kind of protrusion and with the button rased so that the grip is always comfortable. We have also designed a new saber emmiter with 2 different grip zones and a plate shape at the tip to protect your hands.

The blade is prepared for intense combat and its cap does not jump. It can also be easily dismantled for easy transport.

In addition, the saber is compatible with our Argonaut modular parts system, so you can add all the guards and knobs we have available, as well as convert it into a double saber by joining 2 sabres together.

It comes equipped with Proffie Board sound card, Cree brand high power RGB LED, with 15 different colors of edge, Veko high power bass speaker, 2400 ah rechargeable lithium battery.

The Rudis comes assembled and ready to use and includes:

– All-metal body.

– Highly resistant anodized color finish.

– HIGH POWER RGB LED lighting from the prestigious brand CREE. Which gives it great brightness and durability. Configurable in 15 different shades.

– Proffie Board sound card, probably the best light saber card in the world. It detects movement with its precise accelerometers and gyroscopes and emits motion, flashing and impact sounds.

– Special Veko speaker for lightsabers with clear sound and powerful bass.

– High-capacity lithium battery, rechargeable via convenient recharging port.

– 3.7V charger

– Edge suitable for intense combat.

– 2 year warranty and technical service in Spain.

Handle: 290mm long*, 38mm in diameter Complete batten with 83cm blade set: 108cm. Length of the blade on the handle: 78.5cm

*This batten is modular so depending on the guard and knob chosen the measures can vary between 10 and 40mm in length. This does not affect the diameter of the grip area which is always the same. Nor does it influence the length of the edge from the tip of the handle to the end of the edge.

Our sabres are counterbalanced to have the right balance point at the cross of the sabre, the ideal place to handle it easily and comfortably in fights and choreographies.

Measurements of the edge:
Our blades are prepared for hard fighting. No breaking or jumping of the plugs.

Length: 82,5cm, Length at the batten: 78,5cm
Thickness: 25mm with 2mm of wall

The blades can be ordered in 93cm size (the usual size in laser sword fencing academies) or customized up to 100cm for an extra 20

We can customize the saber with multiple aesthetic details. The most common are the aged, leather or leather cord grip, engravings, etc.. The cost varies according to the hours of work and the materials used.

Delivery times:
The delivery times once the payment arrives, usually are 2 weeks for the sabres without sound and 4 weeks for the sabres with sound. This is the case for the models: Argonaut, Kota, Sekh, Vindicare and Nihilus.

Times may vary in times of high demand.

Customization can considerably increase delivery times.

The time runs from when the payment arrives, not when the order is placed, Transfers take 1-3 days and PayPal is almost immediate.

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