Argonaut Starter

Steps to configure your combat light saber:

1 Choose the bladeguard | The Argonaut Starter includes a decorative bladeguard. You can choose between “Vector” or “Crotal” bladeguard, but there are other models to choose from for an extra charge to make it unique.

2 Choose the colour of the blade light | Choose one of the 5 available colours.

3 Choose the look of the hilt | There are 3 to choose from. You can choose between silver or black at no cost. The handcrafted weathered finish is an extra.

In the gallery on the left you can see how the saber looks with the different bladeguards and hilt finishes available.

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There is no doubt that the Argonaut Starter is the ideal choice for someone who is looking for a sports saber suitable for combat, choreography or collecting.

Made entirely of aeronautical grade aluminum and bicolor anodized, made to last.

Ergonomic, resistant and customizable. High-powered LED that stands out for its brightness even in brightly lit interiors.

With its modular system you can also have several sabers in one, and adapt it to each case.

The Argonaut Starter comes assembled and ready to use and includes:

– Completely metallic body.

– Highly resistant anodized finish.

– HIGH POWER LED lighting from the prestigious brand CREE. That gives it great brightness and durability.

– Blade suitable for intense combat.

– Covertec connector to hang it from the belt.

– Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).

– European 2-year warranty and technical service from Spain for faster attention.

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