Light sabers madrid

Madrid light sabers

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Activities with light sabers madrid have multiplied in recent years. In this city there are many people interested in acquiring one of these sabers and in being as realistic as possible to be able to show off them at different events. At the end to get a personalized lightsaber and start practicing, you can visit our shop and create a personalized saber easily.

Activities with light sabers madrid.

With the rise of light sabers there are several activities that take place in the capital of Spain. There are places and days where you can learn to fight with these sabers and even go to competitions. Although if you think your not made for competition, you can always challenge your friends to a duel. A real luxury for fans of science fiction and martial arts.

There have also been events in the streets of Madrid. An exhibition was held in the streets of the city, where light sabers of several meters were placed illuminating the squares, which were replicas of real sabers.

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