Lightsaber blade colors

Lightsaber blade colors

Here at Lucifer sabers we have a multitude of handcrafted 100% colored laser swords made in Spain.

The coloured laser swords have different shapes and different colours. Each color has a meaning.

There is a meaning for each color of the light saber and they are a reflection of the personality and abilities of the person who handles it.

Of course, we can find a great variety of colors in the light sabers, from white to black through pink.

You can personalize the guard, the color of the light of the edge and the aspect of the sabre.

Small works of art elaborated with care to be worthy replicas.

Taking care to the smallest detail to make them more authentic to grasp and contemplate.

All our battens are designed to withstand the harshest treatment and be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

Lightsaber blade colors

You can easily change the look of the batten and have many battens in one thanks to its modular system.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in Spain by fans, for fans as passionate as we are.

Since 2015 and with hundreds of laser sabers sold we continue to design and manufacture with the same passion and care of the first day.

We give warranty and repair support to all our customers from Spain so that everything is better and faster.

We are the fastest in the galaxy and in 2 weeks you will have your saber at home, less than a month if it is with sound. Consult us for special orders.

Know first hand all our news, offers, events and any broadcast that the Galactic authorities do not want us to put in your hands.

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