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If you have already contacted us to tell us about your special order and we have given you an estimate, please continue reading so that you can pay and we can start working on your project. If not, please write to to tell us about your idea. More information at the bottom of the page.

To pay for your custom order we have given you a quote:

  1. Choose the price from the drop-down menu below and enter the price we have given you.
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This generic product is used for Customization of sabers or orders that are out of our usual product catalogue such as covering the handle of a sabre with leather, making engravings of initials on the sabre or buying empty hilts or other loose pieces for personal projects. We can do almost anything you can imagine 😀

If you have already talked to us, choose the price we have indicated for your customization and follow the instructions at the top of the page. If you haven’t talked to us, tell us your idea so we can advise you and give you a quote, please send an email to

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