Proffieboard v1.5 + micro SD 16 GB

This incredible sound card is ideal for any advanced installer. With it the possibilities are endless. It offers a multitude of different layouts and electronic connections, as well as the possibility to configure your operating system with almost anything you can imagine.

We carefully control the entire manufacturing process of the card. From the revision of the original design of Fredrik Hubbinette for the manufacture of PCBs, to the assembly of the components made entirely in companies in Spain.

We install this sound card in each of our sabers, so we can guarantee both its resistance in heavy combat and its operation without failure in prolonged use.

If you are a very handy with the welder, but do not want to interfere with the programming, we offer assistance service to make any modification that needs the code to fit the sabre you are designing, without commitment of any kind.

More information at the bottom.

59,00 IVA inc.

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Some programmable features:

Diferent configurations for single blade , double blade or crossguard swords.
Support for high-power Tri Cree LEDs
Possibility of installing Neopixel blades (Maximum light output and best available effects with this type of blades).
44/22/11khz Audio, with the possibility of installing different sources in your SD card.
Sound and color presets
Support for Smoothswing: Realistic motion algorithm, which generates sound according to the intensity of the movement in real time.
Support for traditional sound sources.

Technical information:

BATT+ – 2.6 to 4.5 volt input, controls everything except LEDs
BATT- – Negative pin for LEDs, needs to be at the same level as GND when both are connected. Note that there are two of them, which can be useful when handling many powerful LEDs.
GND – ground for electronics except LEDs. Note that the two GND pads are interchangeable and are connected through the board.
Speaker +/- – connects to speaker
1/2/3 Button – Hook to closing buttons or potentially tactile buttons.
Data 1 / ID – Normally used to measure the restoration of the leaf ID, and if it is a neopixel leaf, feed the neopixel data. For a fixed non-neopixel saber, it can be reused.
Data 2-5 – additional neopixel data outputs, or free for other purposes.
LED 1-6 – Connects to the negative side of the LED (the positive side of the LED connects directly to the battery). These pins can handle up to 30 volts.
SDA, SCL – these pins are used to communicate with the gyroscope and accelerometer chip.5v – generated by the proffie board, normally only activated when the sound is played.
3.3v – generated by the proffie board.
SWDIO, SWDCLK – can be connected to a ST-LINK device and allows you to debug programs running on the proffie board.


All instructions, including how to build the electronics and software downloads can be found here.

Please refer to the tutorials on YouTube Proffie for the best guides.


Our warranty covers defects during manufacture and assembly, but excludes software errors or incorrect and short installations caused by making connections. For any problem, please contact our technical service.

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