Argonaut Sound

The Argonaut Sound is an advance versión of the Argonaut. In the description, at the bottom of the page are all the details.

Steps to configure your saber:

1 Choose the bladeguard | The Argonaut Starter includes a decorative bladeguard. You can choose between “Vector” or “Crotal” bladeguard, but there are other models to choose from for an extra charge to make it unique.

2 Choose the power button color light | Thanks to its RGB light the saber can be set in 15 different colors simply by pressing a button. However the color of the button is fixed and will be the color you choose when you buy it.

3 Choose the finish of the saber | There are 3 to choose from. You can choose between silver or black at no cost. The weathered antique finish is an extra.

In the gallery on the left you can see how the sabre looks with the different bladeguards and body finishes available.

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A stunt saber suitable for combat with the most advanced technology. Ergonomic, resistant and customizable.

Soundborad with flash on clash. It emits sounds and flashes according to the movement and the impacts thanks to its sensors.

Can be configured in 15 different blade colors.

Especially designed for light sabers use spakers, great power for an incredible sound. Everything any fan needs to live the most intense experience.

Made entirely of aeronautical grade aluminum and bicolor anodized, made to last.

High power LED that stands out for its brightness even in brightly lit interiors.

The blade is easily removable to expose it or to carry only the body of the saber hanging from the belt.


It comes assembled and ready to use and includes:

– Full metal body.

– Highly resistant anodized finish.

– HIGH POWER RGB LED lighting from the prestigious brand CREE. That gives it great brightness and durability. Configurable in 15 different colors.

– Sound card Plecter Labs, nº 1 world-wide in the manufacture of sound cards for lightsabers.

It detects movement with its precise accelerometers and gyroscopes and emits sound of movement, flash on clash effects with light and sound of impact.

– Special Veko speaker for lightsabers with clear sound and powerful basses.

– High capacity lithium battery, rechargeable through convenient recharge port.

– 3.7V charger

– Blade suitable for intense combat.

– Covertec button to hang it from covertec clip in the belt.

– European 2-year warranty and technical service from Spain for faster attention.

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