Lightsaber combat initiation class | TDN 2018

Lightsaber combat initiation class

Many people were left out of the first lightsabers combat initiation class in Jornadas Tierra de Nadie (TdN), so we organized a second class last Saturday, August the 4th, which filled up again. Here you have a video of the second padawans promotion of  #TdN2018.

“Remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast” Yelson Hido

combate espadas laser

On August the 2nd we organized a lightsabers combat initiation class in Jornadas Tierra de Nadie (TdN). We had such a good time that we had to repeat it, and on August the 4th we organized another one with equal success and the class was filled again in just a few seconds.

Thank you very much to all of you who participated. If you want to be informed of our activities visit our news section. Here are the links to the videos in which you can see how the effort generates reward, enjoy your epic battle!


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